There is an almost unbelievable factor of Alienation of Environment that must be dealt with. That is, the artificial genetic modification of natural organisms. This involves Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) and Genetically Engineered Food (GEF). It is inconceivable that rational beings would modify the natural environment and the things necessary for their survival without complete testing and full and complete knowledge of any consequences. In fact it is not possible to properly test these modifications. Plants, fruitsand vegetableshave been man’s food for millions of years. It is folly to change these things without an absolute certainty that it is not destroying important attributes. It should be stressed that absolute certainty is required; a probability of even as high as 99.999% is not good enough. It would be preferable for scientists to study our natural environment to fully understand man’s place in it rather than to attempt to create a new, perhaps permanently alien, environment. The Union of Concerned Scientists in the United States lists a number of risks with GMF. These include:

  • New Allergens in the Food Supply
  • Antibiotic Resistance
  • Production of New Toxins
  • Concentration of Toxic Metals
  • Enhancement of the Environment for Toxic Fungi
  • Creation of New or Worse Viruses
  • Poisoned Wildlife.

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