Welcome to the Anti-Alienation of Environment Institute (A2Ei). 

The A2Ei recognizes that many of the health problems faced by humanity are the direct result of the failure to understand humanity’s essential connection to the natural environment. By better understanding our connection to the natural environment, almost everyone can enjoy better health and look and feel better. 

This site is dedicated to providing information and resources to assist in living closer to the natural environment and thereby helping overcome major problems affecting human health and happiness. 

From this site you can access a link to easily purchase an eBook describing Anti-Alienation of Environment entitled "Health = A2E  A Formula for Better Health".  Simply by contacting us we will send you a cool music track to assist in understanding some of the key issues relating to Alienation of Environment and its effect on health.  

Examples of Alienation of Environment that affect are lives range from eating processed foods that do not contain essential elements to the affects of noise in our modern living environment.  

The A2EI strongly supports clean energy and is actively working on new approaches to making this a reality.

The A2Ei is encouraging members to help in our work of studying alienation factors and helping to overcome them.  Become a member and help us in our important work.

The A2Ei is also encouraging interested persons to donate to assist us in our work.    


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Please check with your doctor before changing any aspect of your health regime. The A2Ei makes no warranties of any
kind that anything contained in this web site or in any publication or in any related site is accurate or beneficial)

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